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How Much Do Breast Implants Cost In Calgary?

When considering breast augmentation of course you will want to know how much you will pay for your procedure. This can be somewhat difficult to gauge as the cost can vary, sometimes greatly between plastic surgeons. Typically board certified physicians will cost 10 - 20 percent more then their non certified counterpart, but when it comes to the results you are looking for, as they say, you get what you pay for. This is why we suggest that even tho the cost of your breast augmentation may be a little more with a particular surgeon, if his or her results are good then spending the extra money is completely worth it. To find a cosmetic doctor in your area please visit our page here Where To Find Reviews Of Breast Implants Surgeons?

In Calgary prices range from $5000 dollars Canadian to $7500 dollars, again depending on the doctor you choose. During your consultation you will be able to discuss in-depth how much you will be paying for your procedure, keep in mind to ask the surgeon if the anesthesiologist services are included in your total bill as sometimes that can be a surprise increase if your not aware before hand.

Another factor to consider into the cost of your breast implants is which type you choose. Typically Saline is the cheapest, followed by Silicone, Followed by the more specialty types such as Gummy Bear, Tear Drop, and custom shaped silicone. If you go with the higher end type then you can add anywhere from $500 - $3000 extra to the price of your procedure.


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Where To Find Reviews Of Breast Implants Surgeons?

When considering any type of plastic surgery it is imperative to do as much research as you can possibly can on the surgeons in your area. For example in Calgary, Alberta there are over 60 different physicians who perform cosmetic procedures. This can make it a long, daunting, and time consuming process when doing your due diligence. To help speed up your efforts and save your some time and relief some stress here are a few tips you may want to consider.

Use a site like to locate, find, and read reviews of plastic surgeons in your area who perform breast implants surgery. *Note- This is an excellent site overall for reading real actual testimonials from women who have already gone through the procedure you are interested in.Make sure you ask around to friends, family, and co-workers as word of mouth is a good way to gauge or gain a starting point in narrowing down your choices.Or you can use our site to find a surgeon simply head over to our page at


How To Pay For Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Many women worry about the cost of breast implants when they are considering augmentation surgery.

While it’s true that they do cost in the thousands of dollars, all hope is not lost. Most plastic surgeons offer financing for their servicesthrough a 3rd party company or business. Sometimes a local bank may be the financier which helps to keep the interest rate low and you can have a better sense of security with your local bank vs a large national lending business.

Most surgeons also have an internal payment plan structure that may be an option to you. If your looking for a physician who offers breast implants financing in Calgary you can visit our page at for more info.

The benefits of a payment plan are obvious and as long as you have decent to good credit you should be able to qualify.breast augmentation calgary financingWe suggest you speak in-depth with your surgeon during the consultation interview and ask him or her if they do have re-payment plan options.


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